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Katze Nesia

Katze Nesia is a digital platform for pet lovers to get all the needs of services and products with affordable prices, responsive service, the best and most complete quality in Indonesia.



Provide an online application-based digital platform that will be a one stop solution for pet lovers.


1. Provide a trusted and guaranteed platform for transactions.

2. Increase public knowledge about information about pets.

3. Providing business media that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Pets are usually used as friends and love by humans.
Having a pet is one type of hobby that is in great demand by the public.
Apart from being a hobby, having a pet can also be used as a lifestyle.

According to Lia Kurtz, keeping pets is now more than just a hobby.
Keeping pets is a lifestyle in itself that can provide satisfaction.

Psychologically, there are many benefits that can be obtained by someone who has a pet,
including reducing stress levels and reducing a person’s level of anxiety.

We took the initiative to present a digital platform,
especially in the field of online application-based marketplace
which will be a one stop solution for pet lovers.