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Katze Shampoo - Flea & Tick

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Many veterinarians now recognize the need for a naturally organic shampoo for your pet‘s skin conditions. Flea&Tick Katze Shampoo is formulated to safely and naturally relieve your cat‘s skin itchiness. Katze Shampoo helps to support skin care and a healthy lifestyle overall by moisturizing your pet‘s skin and leaving a pleasant smell. Combining naturally organic and herbal extracts in addition to lemon fragrance that are both beneficial, anti bacterial and anti fungal is why Katze Shampoo is best known as a top tier solution for pet skin problems. Leading the way for your pet to look, feel and smell great. Discover the safe, natural solution for your pet‘s skin irritation that Katze Shampoo can provide. Made with the finest naturally organic ingredients. Remember your pet can inherit many different mites, fleas or fungal matter which they bring home. Katze Shampoo is PEG-80 free, Alcohol free and Paraben free.

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